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Walker Bay,  South Africa



The Verburg and Meyer families founded Luddite in November 1999, with the sole aim of making world class Shiraz. The first vintage released was 2000, which was very well received by the market. Every vintage since then has seen the brand grow from strength to strength....and finally become Iconic. Luddite is situated on the eastern slopes of the Houw Hoek Mountains, 11/2 km from the village of Bot River in the Walker Bay Region.


The property is 40 acres in size 25 acres of vineyard. These cool south eastern slopes catch the morning sun and are ideal for long ripening. This gives their well-balanced Shiraz good spicy characteristics. During the Industrial Revolution the ‘Saboteurs’ burned down the factories of Europe. It was their way of protesting against the technology and mechanization that was costing them their jobs and way of life. At Luddite they have always been non-conformists and they remain steadfast in their belief that “hand-crafted” winemaking produces better results.

Niels Verburg is one of the original wine garagistes in South Africa -one of the first trailblazers to break away from the mainstream, commercial winemaking practices that saw the South African wine category falling behind the rest of the world. Some in the industry called him “reckless” in his ‘risk all’ pursuit of excellence. Some call him “old school” or “old fashioned” but know that here at Luddite, TECHNOLOGY and MECHANIZATION WILL NEVER BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR PASSION.

See Luddite wines we sell

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